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This is a page for informations of lyrics and world music.

Music is very versatile. Music is in the whole world an important component of the life. Play Guitar and buy guitar strings by

German: Kabel & Stecker, Gitarrensaiten und Gitarrenzubehör aller Art.

The origin of the drum comes from Africa. Lyrics are mostly written in the national language.


World music

Music instruments and international music

Pop, hiphop, rap, classic, jazz and musicals


world of lyricsmusic instruments:
Djembe (Africa)
Finger-cymbals (India)
Kulintang (Philippine)
Didgeridoo (Australia)
Kandyan (Sri Lanka)
Ruan, guitar (China)
Lira (Russia)
Koto (Japanese)
Kalimba ( South Africa)

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Kandyan Drummer

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Traditional music and lyrics in the whole world!

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